Kaye LEE (Publisher / Editor) is an animator and festival programmer. From 2004 to 2007, she worked at an animation studio and from 2008 to 2015, the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation (SICAF) film festival team, the Pusan International Film Festival. In 2012, she released animated short Underground .From 2016 she works as a program coordinator of Asian Competition at Indie Ani-Fest organized by Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association. Atsuko MIYAKE is a stop-motion animator based in Tokyo. As a bridge between Korean and Japanese animation communities, she translates anything about Korean animation. Darcy PAQUET is the founder of the website and the author of New Korean Cinema: Breaking the Waves (2009, Wallflower Press). He currently works as a consultant for the Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy and the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain. David PROSSER is a director and designer at Studio AKA and founding member of MOTH Collective, a collective of friends excited about drawn animation. Joni MÄNNISTÖ is a Finnish animation director and animator specialized mainly in traditional animation techniques. After graduating he joined two animation collectives Paperihattu and Anikistit. Na-ryung KIM is a freelance writer and musician. She participated in SEOUL&ANIMATOR's issues as an English translator. Mina SEONG is fond of Japanese pop culture. She contributed to SEOUL&ANIMATOR's first issue A City's Feeling as a Japanse translator. Shin HOSOKAWA is an animation director specialized in puppet animation. His short film <The Demon> won the debut award at 2004 Hiroshima Int. Animation Festival. As a disciple of Kihachiro KAWAMOTO, he participated in <The Book of the Dead> as an animator. Pierce CONRAN is the founder and editor of Modern Korean Cinema, the Korean correspondent for Twitch and a staff writer for VCinema. Aside from watching and writing about films, Pierce is also an avid filmmaker, musician and cook. the object is a design studio based in Seoul. The creative duo is designing and publishing unique books and other printed materials while organizing art exhibitions, small concerts and silk screen workshops.